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Published January 11, 2019

Golf players wish to improve their game to make it better over time. It does take practice to improve, but it also requires the right techniques otherwise 100 hours of practice won’t do you much good as a player either.

Here are some tips to improve your golfing game.

Get the Club Selection Right

For the beginner, they often error when it comes to club selection. So you have to follow golf guides zone tips first before selecting the club. If starting to play when younger, they would pick the shorter club for short drives up the fairway and longer clubs for longer drives. When gaining more experience, club selection reaches close to an art form in estimating which club will be best for the next swing.

It’s not always about picking the club that can be used to achieve a greater distance to reach within 50-80 yards of the hole. A reading of the hole will advise to avoid getting that close if there’s a sand bunker or another obstacle that makes trying to chip it onto the green from that distance rather impractical. In which case, taking a wood might be in order to get closer but not too close. It’s all about reading the hole and picking the right club to get where you need to go. Not about getting a hole in one.

Learning to Line up the Club face Well

It seems simple enough. Just stand there and line up the club to the ball so the ball will be sent in the direction that you want. Still, golfers everywhere find that they send the ball not quite in the direction they intended and then they’re either going to have to take a mulligan or swing from a bad position to get back on the fairway again.

The right way to get your shots to line up is to look at where you’re trying to head to by getting the ball’s eye view of the distance. This helps to get your mind right about how you should line up. Then once you have a good stance (more on this next), place the club face right behind the golf ball. Ideally, you should line up the club first and plant your stance based on how the club is positioned. Not the other way around. Look at the PGA players and see how they line up their club to get a better idea how it’s properly done.

The Stance and the Grip

New golfers often think that the stance should change with the club. Whether you’ve got a 7-iron or a 3-wood in your hand, or a putter, the stance should remain the same. Chips onto the green are a little different though.

The stance and the grip on the club need to be relaxed and comfortable. If it’s too stiff, the swing won’t feel smooth and there won’t be enough follow through. It’s the same with the grip; firm but relaxed at the same time. It’s not a baseball bat!

When you focus on the fundamentals of the game of golf, other aspects of good game play begin to fall into place. However, when the basics aren’t right, you’re building your game on a poor foundation which is never going to work out well.