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Tips to Improve Your Golf Skill

Golf players wish to improve their game to make it better over time. It does take practice to improve, but it also requires the right techniques otherwise 100 hours of practice won’t do you much good as a player either.

Here are some tips to improve your golfing game.

Get the Club Selection Right

For the beginner, they often error when it comes to club selection. So you have to follow golf guides zone tips first before selecting the club. If starting to play when younger, they would pick the shorter club for short drives up the fairway and longer clubs for longer drives. When gaining more experience, club selection reaches close to an art form in estimating which club will be best for the next swing.

It’s not always about picking the club that can be used to achieve a greater distance to reach within 50-80 yards of the hole. A reading of the hole will advise to avoid getting that close if there’s a sand bunker or another obstacle that makes trying to chip it onto the green from that distance rather impractical. In which case, taking a wood might be in order to get closer but not too close. It’s all about reading the hole and picking the right club to get where you need to go. Not about getting a hole in one.

Learning to Line up the Club face Well

It seems simple enough. Just stand there and line up the club to the ball so the ball will be sent in the direction that you want. Still, golfers everywhere find that they send the ball not quite in the direction they intended and then they’re either going to have to take a mulligan or swing from a bad position to get back on the fairway again.

The right way to get your shots to line up is to look at where you’re trying to head to by getting the ball’s eye view of the distance. This helps to get your mind right about how you should line up. Then once you have a good stance (more on this next), place the club face right behind the golf ball. Ideally, you should line up the club first and plant your stance based on how the club is positioned. Not the other way around. Look at the PGA players and see how they line up their club to get a better idea how it’s properly done.

The Stance and the Grip

New golfers often think that the stance should change with the club. Whether you’ve got a 7-iron or a 3-wood in your hand, or a putter, the stance should remain the same. Chips onto the green are a little different though.

The stance and the grip on the club need to be relaxed and comfortable. If it’s too stiff, the swing won’t feel smooth and there won’t be enough follow through. It’s the same with the grip; firm but relaxed at the same time. It’s not a baseball bat!

When you focus on the fundamentals of the game of golf, other aspects of good game play begin to fall into place. However, when the basics aren’t right, you’re building your game on a poor foundation which is never going to work out well.

Common Basketball Injuries and Protection Tips

Playing basketball, there are some common injuries that players sustain. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid getting these injuries or lessen the damage. Protection can make the difference between a bruising vs a torn ligament which requires surgery to resolve.

Here are a few of the issues that crop up:

Sprained Ankle

Getting a sprained ankle when playing basketball is quite common. The degree to which a player will stop, turn quickly and head in a different direction is quite frequent. This puts the ankle through its paces. Sometimes the joints and ligaments haven’t been stretched out or warmed up yet; other times, they’re just not strong enough to handle a robust game of ball.Before going to ground make sure you wear all protective gears which is available at so you have to enjoy your game.

If you sustain an ankle sprain:Sprained Ankle injure during match

  1. Take the weight off your feet immediately
  2. Apply ice to the ankle that’s affected. Do so every 20-25 minutes and reapply every two hours
  3. Use a wrap that acts to compress the ankle to prevent as much swelling
  4. Get your leg up above your seated height to let the blood not pool at the ankle. Be sure that the leg is raise above where your heart it positioned.

Wounds to the Head or Face

An arm, hand or shoulder that impacts you while playing ball can cause a cut. It doesn’t take much to break the initial surface layer of skin because these are delicate areas. Due to the amount of blood vessels in the head and face, the bleeding is disproportionately higher than other areas of the body.

Here is how to deal with this kind of injury:

  1. Put pressure on the cut area to stem the blood loss
  2. A wound dressing can be applied to soak up the blood and let the wound clot
  3. If the cut is significant and won’t heal on its own, go to the hospital to get the wound stitched up
  4. If it’s fairly minor, use antiseptic to clean the cut and then a band-aid to cover it from infection while it heals up.

Also, if there is blood on the court, get it cleaned before play resumes because it can create a slippery, unsafe surface to play on.

Knee Sprains

Using the same method as with a sprained ankle is useful to reduce swelling. However, if the swelling is not going down and it appears the knee is unstable, then consider whether an x-ray is required to confirm if an ACL or other injury has been sustained.

Jammed Finger

A jammed finger is easy to happen when playing ball. You can certainly tape one finger to a second one to give both more stability and reduce the chance of jamming a finger.Jammed Finger

Put your affected finger in water for 20-30 minutes to let the bruising calm down. In most cases, it’s not that serious and is just painful. If it is seriously painful with a sharp pain, though, then a finger could be broken and require hospital treatment.

Injuries can happen when playing ball. It’s a fast-moving sport with a lot of body movement, with arms and shoulder moving around quickly. Take care when playing ball.

4 Most popular boxing gloves brand in the world

There are many boxing gloves brands in the market, but only the best brands remain popular. Here are what we consider to be, possibly, the 4 most popular brands that produce gloves for boxing.

Clete Reyes

Clete Reyes was originally a boxer at school, but after going through the rounds realized that the gloves he’d had to use weren’t good at protecting his hands. His original fight was in 1938 during tough times in Mexico, but by 1945 the launched Cleto Reyes glove brand had been approved by the Combox commission and saw use in their first world championship match. This helped to launch the brand into the national consciousness.

By 1965, the gloves were being sold by a single rep on the West coast of the USA, then across the U.S. and eventually around the world. By the time his son took over in 1975, and trademarked the brand in 1979, the brand was bigger than ever.

Clete Reyes has been devoted to boxing since the beginning and makes outstanding gloves for boxers.


Venum is a more modern brand having only been launched in 2006 by Franck Dupuis. The company produces boxing gloves, along with protective gear, and other items for mixed martial arts, karate, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Their equipment has been used by many famous athletes over the last few years. Their sponsorships have mostly focused on mixed martial arts as they pushed to get a foothold in this growing sport, along with their boxing products. To this end, the likes of Miesha Tate, Fabrício Werdum and Lyoto Machida from the world of MMA have used their equipment, often under sponsorship by the company. However, their boxing products continue to be sought after for their durability.

Their products are sold in the USA, across Europe and now in Asia too.


The Winning brand is one that’s most popular in the Asian markets but has also reached U.S. shores. It’s an enduring brand that is popular with boxers who have given their gloves a chance to prove themselves. They’re also affordable for people looking to enter the sport, perhaps for sparring or boxercise and don’t want to break the bank when they do so.


The Everlast brand was originally founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb. The company has focused on boxing gloves, mixed martial arts equipment in recently years, and also apparel with the logo on it.

The Everlast boxing gloves have been worn and variously sponsored a number of famous boxers over the years. This include Ali, Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier, and way back when, Jack Dempsey in 1917 too.Everlast boxing gloves

They produce boxing gloves, head protection, arm bands, head bands to keep sweat out of the eyes while working out, and a whole host of other sporting equipment.

The company has products are marketed globally. They were eventually acquired by Sports Direct of the UK in 2007.

When looking for a strong brand, you can opt for a new one or a classic that’s been around for a century. These four brands are highly reputable.