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Published October 30, 2018

When you think about Wilson, it’s one of the premier brands in Tennis. The predictable W logo is everywhere in the sport and for good reason. It’s a brand that players have come to trust over the decades that the company behind the brand has been involved in the elegant game.

The brand is famous for developing new tennis manufacturing technologies to keep their equipment at the forefront of the industry. All players have at least heard of Wilson; even if it’s from the Castaway movie with actor Tom Hanks who played a FedEx employee who became stranded on a deserted island with only a Wilson basketball for company. As you can tell, Wilson have branched out with their product range beyond the game of tennis too.


The quality of the tennis racquets from Wilson are unquestionable. It’s rare that anyone returns a tennis racquet from the company because it’s faulty. The brand has sponsored many popular tennis players over the decades that they’ve been involved with tennis.

wilson tennis racquet

Product Range

Wilson have a wide product range include racquets from repeated Grand Slam winner, Federer, being perhaps the most well-known. There are tennis racquets for men, women and younger players too. They also use different materials and string depending on their affordability, what product collection their associated with and other factors.

Power& Control

One of the things that Wilson has an enviable reputation for is delivering racquets that produce excellent power in the hands. When striking the tennis ball both powerfully and cleanly, you’re likely to get a little bit more speed on the ball that you might receive when playing with other racquets. Not always, but often.

The materials, particularly carbon fiber infused in the racquet during the production process tends to help provide better power distribution without adding to the weight  even as mentioned at

The Right Feel

The feeling of control when using a Wilson racquet tends to be better than expected. The string pattern certainly has something to do with that extra control of the ball too. The balance on their racquets helps players place the ball exactly where they want it to cover on the court and avoid hitting the net in the process. With Roger Federer having used Wilson racquets seemingly forever, it gives the rest of us mere mortals the confidence in their range of tennis equipment too.

Getting Your Spin On

You can look at the material used for their racquet string and the patterns setup in most of their racquets for why Wilson deliver enviable spin on serves, shots take, and volleys returned. For any spin players who get the best results using spin, they tend to favor Wilson over other brands that don’t offer as much rotation on the ball. The Wilson range never stops developing. To keep up with the latest innovations, the company pushes the boundaries of what’s possible to stay ahead of the pack. This is only the way they can keep customers and star players happy with their tennis racquets.